96 Eldorado C295

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96 Eldorado C295

Post  jordan on Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:32 pm

Hey Folks...Thinkin about jumping into a 96 Eldorado on a E350 chassis.

This co. being out of business is a major cause for hesitation but I feel myself still drawn to the deal bacause of the price and the overall condition of the coach.Even though its been sitting for a couple of years the roof is solid,no delam and the interior is dry and free of varmints and mildew.The guy did go out and air it out on a regular basis etc.
The E350 chasis shouldnt be a problem for parts and repair and the basic items to do with the coach are interchangeable I feel for the most part but has anybody who actually owns one of these put together some of the "unobtainium" parts that can make life really depressing?
I started out in an 85 Fleetwood Tioga with a leaky roof,delam,and many other issues and got it to stay together all the way down to key West and back to Ct with my wife for a five week trip two winters ago so im used to just jumping in without testing the waters!.Just want to do as much homework on this thing as I can before I commit.Thanks,Jordan


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