Handicapped Equipped 1987 ElDorado 27 Foot Questions

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Handicapped Equipped 1987 ElDorado 27 Foot Questions Empty Handicapped Equipped 1987 ElDorado 27 Foot Questions

Post  david clarence on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:56 pm

Recently acquired this rig that was used in California and Nevada. Therefore, there is very little rust and no corrosion, to deal with.

Have a few questions that searching the web doesn't answer - thinking you would....

This unit has a BRAUN hydraulic Wheelchair Lift mounted to the floor inside the original El Dorado side entry door. Whoever mounted the lift, covered the top of the steps over with plywood and drilled through the top step landing and NOT through the frame. Plan on having a steel plate welded to the lift base plate - to extend it towards the center of the floor, to run bolts down through the chassis frame. The lift has a support bracket on each side that the rear bracket is bolted through the rear door frame. Questioning this arrangement, since the El Dorado door frame install, used rivets through the fiberglass shell, and the opening was cut-out to wide and some of the rear door-frame rivets never attached to anything. This arrangement coupled with the added stress of the W/C Lift Support Bracket, has pushed the frame out and created a one-inch gap between the door frame and fiberglass shell, up the sides and across the top of the door frame. Water of course entered these openings and rotted the interior wooden door support out on the top and sides, as well as the inside paneling. Removed the rotted wood and drilled-out the rivets, replacing them with 1/4" SS Bolts.

Planing on replacing original 1/4" wooden door frame with 2"X4"s beveled to conform to the slope of the fiberglass shell, and using the 1/4" SS Bolts, sandwich the fiberglass shell between the door frame and the 2"X4"s. Then replace the paneling with finished 1/4" plywood, staining to get as close to the original paneling design as possible. - What are your thoughts on this repair plan?

The El Dorado body was most;y pristine, with a few nicks or gouges in the fiberglass from front and rear bumper strikes.That was until the left-rear tag-axle tire blew-out and disintegrated the rear section of the fender panel and the bottom fiberglass fender. Made one-here sick to see that happen.

It would seem that someone replaced the tag-axle 215/85 16 inch tires with 235/85 16 inch R tires and that may have lead to the 45 mph blow-out. Replaced all six rear tires with 215/85R 16 inch 10 ply E-Rated tires.

Are the tag-axle tires supposed to be 215/85 16R OR 235/85 16R??? When the drivers door frame ElDorado Plate Specifies 215/85 16R on Dual-axle and front end....

Searched the web without success for information on the tag-axle suspension pressure and the correct tire pressure for all eight tires. The El Dorado drivers-side door tag has "X's"in the spaces for the tag-axle tire pressure and Tire size....

Would you know the correct tire pressures for the front, dual and tag-axle tires? And also, the air-suspension pressure? Was told the Air-Bag Suspension should be 12 psi and the manual says maximum 30 psi.. But Nothing about Tire Size???

Would you know what the gallon capacity of the gray, black and fresh water tanks are?

Lastly, would you have a pattern for comparison to repair the rear wheel-well and fender damage? Or be able to do the fiberglass repair yourself?

Thank you in advance for providing this resource on a Classic RV and any assistance that your expertise and experience can provide.

david clarence

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