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Just got a Starfire Empty Just got a Starfire

Post  rlux4 on Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:47 am

Hi, I'm hoping this forum is still active, it's great to find one that's ElDorado specific.
I just acquired a 1988 31' Starfire.
I was asked by a contractor friend to help him repair a house his Dad had left to the estate when he passed. I saw this unit sitting in the field when I got there and was blown away, I've never seen one before. When I asked about it he said his Dad parked it 10-12 years ago and moved to Mexico, so there it sat. He said he had to get rid of it and we bartered three days labor for it. It was a mess from sitting so long, especially considering we're in the desert. The front windows had been left open so it was full of wasps. I got rid of the wasps, and went to work getting it running. The gas tank was 3/4 full and the gas was bad so disconnected the fuel lines, used a gas tank off of a portable generator, a filter and 12V fuel pump hooked up to the carb and it started up! I've driven it home where I dropped the tank, cleaned it, blew out the lines and will have to put in a new intank fuel pump. I've gone through the electrical and got everything working and cleaned the interior. The uphostery is shot but that will have to wait. The boss won't let me spend much money on the project, but it'll be useable once the tank is back in.
Let's see if this pic works;
Just got a Starfire MotorHome2001
I hope to hear back from the forum. I'd like to get manuals that I see were available here.

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Just got a Starfire Empty starfire owner's manual

Post  newowner on Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:41 pm

We just purchased a 95 Eldorado and were looking for an owner's manual. I found a link to Starfire/Eldorado owner's manuals at beavercreekboise.com, just click on the RV connection link next to the Starfire photo. The information on how to get a manual is on that page. Also, we found out that the manual for the chassis is separate. You can probably find a Chilton's manual for your chassis model.

Good luck!


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Just got a Starfire Empty We have one too

Post  susanmagee on Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:04 am

...and I wish I saw more activity on here also. Do you still have your Starfire? We just got ours, an '87, would like to know if you still have yours? If so, how's it holding up? If not, did you sell it?

We're looking for any info we can get on electrical and compressor/airbag suspension (leveling) issues.

Generator, cranks won't start...fuel delivery issue?

What's the fuel usage like, say from WA to TX?

Lots of snow still, got work to do before we move it and move us in. Any advise is surely appreciated!

Thank you for your time.

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Just got a Starfire Empty Re: Just got a Starfire

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